The institutions in charge of water management in Mozambique are broken down into national, regional, basin and local level units (Barros 2009). At the national level the National Water Council is an advisory committee to the government and includes the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and various ministers with water related interest. At the regional level the Regional Water Administrations (ARAs) deal with operational management and the development of water resources at the basin level. At the basin level there are Basin Management Units (Unidades de Gestao de Bacia-UGBs) under the ARA administration, which carry out the management functions of the ARAs. At the local level the Basin Committees ensure local representation within the Basin Management Units (Barros 2009).

The Natural Resource Accounting Programme in East and Southern Africa was expanded into Mozambique as part of Phase 3 (2003-2007). Regional case studies were produced for the water and fisheries resource sectors (Lange presentation no date).

Fishing near Chokwé, Mozambique. Source: Qwist-Hoffmann 2010


Country Water Resources Assistance Strategy

As part of the Country Water Resources Assistance Strategy, the 'role of water in the Mozambique economy and how the water-related vulnerability affects the country's economic performance' is being investigated (AFTWR and the World Bank 2007).

For more information about the strategy see Poverty Alleviation Strategies in Mozambique.

Current ongoing initiatives.

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