Impact from Mines

Impacts of mining and mineral processing activities on the water resources of the Limpopo River basin.

Sub-basin Type of Mining Water Quality Issues
Ngotwane/Bonwapitse Other Localized Drainage (AMD)
Lotsane Other Localized AMD, pH, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
Motloutse Base metals, smelters Copper, nickel, sulphate (SO4), TDS
Shashe 1 Gold, base metals, smelters, alluvial gold Arsenic, AMD, bismuth, copernicium, copper, nickel, mercury pH, TDS, Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
Mzingwane 1 Gold, base metals, small-scale AMD, arsenic, cobalt, mercury, nickel, pH, TDS, TSS
Dati 1 Other Minor TSS
Bubye --- ---
Mwenezi Small-scale, other (emerald) Chromium, TSS
Lower Limpopo and Chagane 1 Other Very minor localized TSS
Marico Base metals, smelters, other AMD, chromium, fluorine, lead, pH, TDS, TSS, zinc
Crocodile 1 Gold, base metals, smelters, other AMD, alkalinity, copper, chromium, copernicium, fluorine, iron, lead, manganese, pH, TDS, silver, TDS, TSS, zinc
Matlabas-Mokolo Smelters, other AMD, pH, TDS
Laphalala 1 Base metals, other Lead, tin, TSS
Theuniskloof 1 Base metals, other Iron, manganese, TSS
Mogalakwena Gold, base metals, smelters, other AMD, antimony, copernicium, pH, TDS, TSS, tin
Setoka-Soutsloot 1 Other TSS
Sand Small-scale Copper, mercury, nickel, TSS, TDS, zinc
Nzhelele Other Lead, nickel
Levuvhu Other AMD, pH, TDS, TSS
Wilge 1 Gold, other Localized AMD, fluorine, TSS
Riet & Little Olifants 1 Base metals, smelters AMD, copper, iron, manganese, pH, sulphate, TDS
Middle Olifants Gold, base metals, other AMD, chromium, copernicium, copper, iron, manganese, pH, tin, TDS, TSS, zinc
Steelpoort Base metals, smelters AMD, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, pH, sulphate, TDS, TSS, vanadium
Blyde 1 Gold, small-scale AMD, copernicium, TDS, TSS
Selati 1 Gold, base metals, smelters, other AMD, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, copper, iron, manganese, mercury, copernicium, pH, phosphorus, sulphate, TDS, TSS, zinc
Middle Letaba and Great Letaba 1 Gold, base metals, small-scale, other AMD, antimony, arsenic, copernicium, iron, mercury, pH, TDS, TSS, tin
Shingwedzi Gold, small-scale Arsenic, mercury, TDS, TSS

Source: Ashton et al. 2001

1 Sub-catchment in Ashton et al. 2001 Sub-catchment noted herein
Shashe-Tuli Shashe<
Pazhi, Umzingwani Mzingwane
Diti Shashe
Limpopo and Chagane Limpopo, Chagane
Crocodile-Elands-Pienaarsrivier Crocodile
Laphalala Lephalala
Theuniskloof Lotsane
Setoka-Soutsloot Shashe, Mzingwani
Levuvhu Luvuvhu
Wilge Middle Olifants
Riet & Little Olifants Upper Olifants
Blyde Lower Olifants
Selati Lower Olifants
Middle Letaba and Great Letaba Letaba

Diamond, gold, silver, PGEs, copper, and nickel exploration is noted, but the status, nor locations, are not available

Current ongoing initiatives.

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